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for Garmisch, Bavaria, Germany

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current weather conditions in Garmisch, Bavaria
saturday 29.08. at 0:00 CET

Recording of todays 

Weather in Garmisch: 47ø 29' 31" N
11ø 05' 53" O
700m / 2297ft.


pressure (valley)


21 ºC / (69.8 F)

1026 hPa


at 0:00 CET 6 km/h
dry in Garmisch valley.

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daytime, temperature, humidity, pressure and trend, situation, wind 29.08.15 *
0:00 CET21 ºC / (69.8 F)65 % 1026 hPasteady SW 6 km/h
- dry

The Garmisch Weather at 0:00 CET: dry - 21 ºC /wind SW 6 km/h 1026 hPa, steady / MIN 21.0°C +++ predicts blue skys by the current observations

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by Umwelt-Forschungsstation
Schneefernerhaus (FHG)

Hohe Warte, Wien


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